Tek Port USB RS-232, RS-422 ve RS-485 Uyarlayıcılar

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  • These USB adapters are intelligent modules which provide a cost-effective solution for transferring high-speed asynchronous serial data over USB. The adapters provide easy connectivity between the computer and standard communication ports or remote serial devices. No PC reconfiguration, assignment of IRQs, or jumper settings required. The adapter will be recognized as a USB to Serial Adapter and install in the system as a standard COM port. 


    • A PC with a minimum of a 75MHz Pentium, or equivalent
    • A minimum of 16M bytes of RAM
    • One available USB type port compliant with USB1.1
    • Drivers are included on our software master CD that normally ships with ACCES hardware. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98/SE, 2000, Me, XP, Linux - built-in to kernel 2.4.0+, MAC OS/8.2 and higher (including X). Driver information is subject to change. Check with ACCES for updated driver information.


    The USB adapter is equipped with a USB cable and a USB type A connector for connection to a computer USB port and a male DB-9 for connection to a RS-232 or RS-422/485 equipped data or communication terminal. The USB adapter automatically configures with Windows Plug-n-Play functionality. This means that once you plug the device into a computer, Windows will automatically detect the device and launch an installation wizard. 


    One two-color LED indicator displays transmission of data (green) or reception of data (orange) of the serial port for easy verification of operation. 
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