LCI, Load Cell Bağlantı Kutusu ve Arıza Alarm

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  • LCI
    Faults MonitoredLoad Cell out of preset balance range 
    Load Cell out of pre-set operating range
    Low/high excitation
    Open circuit to any load cell on each connection
    Short circuit on any load cell connection
    Internal load cell fault (Bridge Imbalance)
    PoweringFrom Load Cell Excitation typically 10 V DC
    Setting Method

    1 x 4 digit 7 segment LED display for set up, load cell in error type & individual total mV outputs
    6 buttons for reading & set up


    2 part terminals, up to 2.5 mm² cable
    4 x 5 way, for load cell connection
    1 x 5 way, load cell output 
    1 x 3 way, alarm relay contacts

    Dimensions200 x 120 x 75mm. (PCB dimensions 170 x 100mm excluding case)
    EnvironmentalSealed to IP65 with cable glands & blanking plugs fitted CE Compliance.
    Enclosure MaterialGrey ABS
    Option Available
    LSSStainless Steel Junction Box Enclosure IP65
    Surface Junction Box to IP65
    ParametersMinTypical Max Units
    Power Supply Volts from Excitation Supply8.210 10  V DC
    Power supply Current from Excitation Supply  43 52 mA   Note1
    Bridge Excitation 350R Load Cell10 12 V DC
    Bridge Resistance (typically 350-700R) each300 350 1000 Ohms 
    Bridge Sensitivity1.0 2.0 5.0 mV/V 
    Bridge No. Selectable Bridges 
    Output Loading1M   Ohms 
    Bandwidth of Junction Box 100  Hz 
    Zero Temperature Co-Efficient of Junction Box at 2mV/V-0.000500.0005%V/°C
    Span Temperature Co-Efficient of Junction Box-0.0005 0.0005 %/°C
    Linearity of Junction Box-0.00150.0015  %FSD
    90 Day Stability of Junction Box-0.0010.001 %FSD
    Operating Temperature Range-40 85 °C
    Storage Temperature Range-40 95 °C
    Humidity 95 %
    Scan Speed for Alarm Output (4cells) 40100mS
    Display, Range-50.00 +50.00mV  Note 4
    Relay Contacts SPCO   500mA  Note 3
    Relay Contacts SPCO   50V      Note 3
    Alarm Operating Speed for less than 1mV change 100 mS  Note 5
    1. LCI current range limit to enable ADW15 or LCA15 to drive 4 x 350R load cells and the LCI.
    2. Relay normally energised.
    3. Display normally to show mV total, or fault indication if present.
    4. Alarm will not function when input speed exceeds change of 1mV in 100mS. This is to prevent false alarms during sudden change of load.
    Relative Humidity95% maximum non condensing
    CE Environmental ApprovalsEuropean EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC


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